Jade Helliwell - If I Were You

Hot on the heels of ‘Telephone’, Jade’s new single ‘If I Were You’ carries an empowering message with a playful edge.

Written by friend and fellow country artist Laura Oakes, the lyrics imagine a conversation with a love interest, suggesting to them how they should make their move. Laura knew when writing the track that it would be perfect for Jade who loved it on first listen. Particularly poignant is the theme of self-reflection to inspire self-confidence and awareness that we are deserving of love. It’s a message that Jade felt an instant connection to.

“I love the way this song is both a love song and a song about self belief. It’s about realising you deserve happiness and that someone out there could think you’re the best thing.”

‘If I Were You’ was recorded remotely during lockdown. Working with Rob Gulston at The Banger Hanger, Jade recorded her vocals from home, with Luke Thomas laying down guitar and Eddy Dunlap playing Pedal Steel from Nashville. Her distinctive sound is captured perfectly in the modern country-pop production for an anthemic track reminding people of their self-worth.

‘If I Were You’ is out on Friday 2nd April and our DC Family subscribers got an early listen to the song.

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