Caitlin Mae

Country music artist Caitlin Mae found her love of country music during the many holidays she spent in the USA whilst growing up. Never one to turn down a chance to perform, she often sang for customers in Florida’s Beef O’ Brady Restaurants and the owner and staff there welcomed her back year after year. At age 14, Caitlin Mae provided the full evening’s entertainment at The International Sheep Dog Trials in the grounds of Princess Anne’s country estate and in 2019 she joined Carrie Underwood on stage at the Motorpoint Arena as part of the American Idol winner’s Cry Pretty Tour.

Caitlin Mae spent much of 2020 learning guitar and penning lyrics to over a dozen new songs, which are planned for release over the coming months. She is excited to share this new material with country music fans and with her youthful but timeless vocals coupled with memorable and insightful lyrics she is sure to leave them wanting more.

“ ‘Those Three Words’ is a song about the perfect imperfections in every romance.

All relationships are special, and every love story is unique and deserves to be told and so I wrote this song in the hope that it can become an anthem for all true love affairs.

My favourite part of the song is without a doubt the chorus as it describes the roller coaster of emotions that often accompany matters of the heart.

I found it was so effortless for these lyrics to pour onto the page because these are the thoughts that so often swim in my head whenever someone tells me their relationship is perfect. ”

‘Those Three Words’ is out on Friday 12th February and our DC Family subscribers have been listening to it since Monday.

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