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Jade Helliwell is debuting the music video for her new single ‘Smoke’ right here on Destination Country today!

Hot on the heels of her standout headline performance at Buckle & Boots Festival, she reminds us to trust our instincts with empowering new single ‘Smoke’. Inspired by moments of uncertainty from previous relationships, ‘Smoke’ is a fictional tale which will ring true for many who have experienced a relationship where things don’t quite add up. The lyrics tell the story of a relationship filled with rumours and doubt, when you’re told that somebody has been unfaithful but they pass it off as gossip.

“It’s about trusting your instincts and realising that rumours don’t come from thin air. I hope people will relate to the song and that feeling of needing to be strong when you know people aren’t sincere. It’s unfortunately a feeling many of us have felt in life but hopefully people can connect with the message of Smoke and feel empowered by it.”

Recording ‘Smoke’ was a fun and very different experience for Jade who laid down her vocals at Chamber Studio in Edinburgh, working remotely with Grammy winning writer and producer Femke Weidma (Seth Ennis, Sam Palladio, Jess and the Bandits, The Adelaides). With a clear vision, the production builds upon the strong foundation of Jade’s recognisable country-pop sound to showcase her powerhouse vocals and honest performance.

In a celebration of sisterhood and female empowerment, the video sees Jade and her friends light a “Boyfriend bonfire” to purge themselves of unwanted memories from their exes.

To bring ‘Smoke’ to life visually, Jade is excited to have collaborated with Viktrs, an exciting new brand who are using innovative technology, set to be the future of music videos.

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